Welcome to Vercors Racing


The Vercors Racing association was created in December 2020 to finance Lucas' passion for karting and competition.

Already a skier and amateur of trajectories, Lucas loves speed and skids. His father having practiced kart for 17 years at the national level, it is the kart which naturally imposed itself as a complementary sport for the summer season.

Karting has now become the family passion for racing weekends in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region (for now) 😊

Like all competitive sports, there are regular funding needs for equipment that needs to be purchased, overhauled, repaired not to mention rider gear.

These include: chassis, engines, tools, pit rental, tires, brakes, overhauls, fuel, travel expenses, registration fees, license and for the driver: suits, helmets...

Hence our call for donations that you can make to help us finance this passion which is karting. You can do this by using the following page: Donate to Vercors Racing to help Lucas for the racing season.

The president of the Vercors racing association

Xavier Tabarin